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Leading through the crisis and beyond: What we need is transformative leadership

Leading a company in this time is very hard. There are many challenges we have never faced before, with much more uncertainty. We need leaders who embody the capacity to lead in the midst of ambiguity and complexity. Leadership in this moment means giving everyone a sense of belonging, letting them know they are being heard and that they are valued. This is uncharted territory for many.

Leaders now have the opportunity to learn that by only relying on their old intellectual capacities will limit their ability on how they can lead their teams through and out of this crisis. The old recipes are no longer effective, new strategies need to emerge. They will need new competencies such as active listening, being truly present, creating a joyous, growth-oriented culture, a very human environment where everyone can feel that they belong. 

This needs deeper self-exploration and development. It means learning to lead at a deeper, more fundamental level. It also means to have the capacity to sit with deeper emotions. We need leaders who lead with all of their body parts: their brain, their heart, their soul, and their gut, basically embodied leadership.

Leadership is not a role, but a way of being. This crisis is presenting us with the opportunity to make a shift, change organizational leadership and unleash our human potential.

Where are you finding yourself challenged currently in your leadership? What might come if you would become more embodied?  What might you realize?

The Human Impact Group is curious to hear from you on what else is working in this challenging time and what you may want to do differently.

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